Clifford Duffy: Radio D and the other blogs was down for a few hours as blogger com itself was down... this is part of the nervyness and excitiment of blogger...

its constantly changing territories............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

for example 'I ' always fiddling with the dials changing settings, tryin
things out


trying out fonts
                                          <mar quee> html htmltml html

                 its aprt the machin' ... the clock/click

___________________Working not working in draft blogger
old classic
                 new er of 2006

even Pro                file name chan              ges...  meratorphois ... invoicing outvoicing...
for years
_____________________________ How does blogger work? does blogger blog bodies how is  the body effected by the citational virtual body of the blog ?

                 _______________====================how is one's daily life affected?
doe s it create intensities of passage
(does a radio have to be a radio :                                                                                                                                    

                     to wit needit be aural? is there not                       a voice pervading already all heads? )
 --------------------------                                                                              -------particles of community? ------------------?>>>>>>>>>>>>> in this world lunatics & resentment abound?

do blogs limit the stretch of their lunacy?
 ___________________________________Blogger is provided 'free' by google
and we are not assured of 

email your works to your self.

______________________Shall we try other blogplatforms?

____________How shl.d libraries archive blogs?

how does one archive the vanishing electronic dust of blogs and internet?

__________________then think of the viability of computers ?
how reliable are their viable?

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