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OKay well imagine all the books that are written/published that define themselves
around the negative and lack/ all the yeasayers to this ideation/the hidden sneaky
ones the returnees to a sort of Hegelian c ant. No pun intended to this itinerant book ranting.

Cp______________artniture: That including the catalogue of nearly all of the   ~ CD: INKNOW its Horribilating! its debitilitating!

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______________________________________They've sneaked by the door called Deleuze and its swinging not
 with the Arrow that flies to the next thinker
                                         however it has been caught on


by the Blinkers of Eyes!
__________________________The Blinkers
                                                                            Not the thinkers!
                  Nietzsche' ve called them the Blinkers of Eyes

 _________________They're horders of 'em