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In dialogue written with Claire Parnet, entitled 'On the Superiority of Anglo-American Literature' (1977) Deleuze claims that English is a hegemonic, imperialistic language.          But for this reason it is all the more vulnerable to the ===

What Mona like is the teeth, his teeth smile his sourire des dents

the subterranean workings of languages and dialects which undermine it from all sides and impose up it a play of vast corruptions and 

variations. (58). A Key into the Language of America ,, of Canada ,,   works within _________________________||| 

---an  an __ And  Harry's (Mister Orson  Welle's) Smile Oh La La ~ the shifting 
____________________he runs off into    ~
ground of power of American English, but also attests to the vast and violent limits placed on its subversion.

--- Check them Teeth out and them there Smiles!

 (for thorough reading of Deleuze and Cinema
Corry Shore's
Wrong Geometries in The Third Man  

In his discussion of German Expressionism, Gilles Deleuze observes that ‘light is the subject of a geometric optic, when it is organized with shadows into two halves, or into alternating rays’ 
I seen an reseen (scene scene (after scene second after second scene to second scene n scene) this movie many time and it never cease to amaze -----------------------------------------------

If the rain never stops we
will have Noah's flood

flood of beauty
deluged of bodies
  bodies of beauty  ~
       body of boat   ~
                conch an cococut beauty   ~ as beauty's boat   ~