If poetry

Tuning in   ~

  Now that remark about literature (if literature dies) was something Doctor Deleuze said way back in the later 80's. and since then there've been births and rebirths of literature and poetry. and Poetry can neither die nor be murdered because it escapes all mediums. It's neither electronic spoken or written but all of them and none. At the same time , as it stretches forth to sideways and back moving forward and tilting off side as well.


                                                                                                               It keeps moving and choosing its futures daily , hourly , and monthly.

                       Where does a comma go? where does a caesura go?

        How does a blank verse line enter  ,, or the nuance cadence of  'vers libre' chancings? and that freedom of the mind I call poetry. In papa tzara's phrase.
How does a line break

the  spoken thought of its becomings .

CParniture: are you suggesting more here than yer're saying?

Clifford Duffy: I am suggesting that spoken thought is the  line of poetry at
its   non  and acentered  

of movement back and forth. That poetry is neither limited to its best medium nor defined by it, but that it is defined by its ability, to move. It takes  the shape of something, and in taking that shape it changes and moves into and out of another. It moves off as a living spirit.