if tuning

if tuning in is a way of becoming
a style of life
becoming a way
a way in th

a way a mou

a mouth

  if before this word you are perpendicular? shall it be said no one's nun(e)'ve heard this thick accented word  . In london in liverpool in manchester in brighton  . along a wharf


tune off that dial. who reads that stuffing anyhow, in that old turkey mister con man mister dog doo mister dope fiend. mister shitface    ~ who wipes the air clear with that class of thing you old hound dog, you metaphoricalmetamorphine you damaged cluster brain and your last cells buying burp before dawn. As any busker knows. She's not a spy but a wet agent from the sapphic command camp running the riot roost of amuck camp revengers

_________________________First she heard it on the radio
_____________________________________She heard it here
______________________________A cup of tea for lover's 
________________knowing he'd settle for less
_________________________________She was Columbian and wore her
_______________dress hiked over her head
_______________showing her hot sex __ till the
__________________________Dead god of the monogangster bums
___________________________________banned them    ~people of the farting book my god and their dead gas book_________________what shite of capital was that turning a buck on the sewers of its caca______Shit to any condom that cant catch that. 
                                No postage required