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Deleuze Reading Group (Fall 2012)
This semester the group will examining one of Gilles Deleuze’s touchstone texts, Difference and Repetition. Deleuze returns to Difference and Repetitionrepeatedly throughout his work, and it is one of his most important works. Beginning this reading group with D&R will provide a good basis to further investigate his work, both alone and with Guattari. Furthermore, D&R represents a general change in the thinking regarding the metaphysical relationship between the individual and substance, and ontology.
Due to the high number of students that have shown interest in the group (currently 30 students have shown interest, through either e-mail or gradconnect, in joining the reading group), it may be necessary to split the group into two smaller groups, but this will be addressed after the first meeting. Most likely, we will host multiple sessions per week, although these groups will move at the same pace. Furthermore, I would like to have a larger gathering of all of the groups once a month with a presentation*. Regardless of what happens regarding the normal group meetings, we’ll have four such gatherings this semester. If you would be interested in heading up a smaller section of the group or if you would be interested in giving a presentation, let me know. The pace of the class will generally be between 30 and 50 pages a week.
*While I’m hoping presentations will average between 15 and 20 minutes, their length will be up to the discretion of the speaker. Any presentation will be followed by questions. While the subject of the text can be anything, they should relate in some way to D&R. Depending on the length of the presentation, we can have multiple speakers per presentation session.
Time Meeting: (tentative) Tuesday – 3PM to 5PM or Thursday 3PM to 5PM
Location: TBD
Reading Group Coordinator: Anthony Zirpoli
Book information: Difference and Repetition by Gilles Deleuze, translated by Paul Patton, Columbia University Press; ISBN: 978-0-231-08159-7
Tentative Reading Schedule:
Week 1 (week of Sept 4th ) – Preface and Introduction (xi-27)
Week 2 (week of Sept 11th ) – Chapter 1 (29-69)
Week 3 (week of Sept 18th ) – Chapter 1 (29-69)
Week 4 (week of Sept 25th) – Presentation and Chapter 2 (70-128)
Week 5 (week of Oct 2nd) – Chapter 2 (70-128)
Week 6 (week of Oct 9th) – Chapter 3 (129-167)
Week 7 (week of Oct 16th) –Presentation and Chapter 3 (129-167)
Week 8 (week of Oct 23rd) – Chapter 4 (168-221)
Week 9 (week of Oct 30th) – Chapter 4 (168-221)
Week 10 (week of Nov 6th)– Presentation and Chapter 5 (222-261)
Week 11 (week of Nov 13th)– Chapter 5 (222-261)
Week 12 (week of Nov 27th)– Conclusion (262-304)
Week 13 (week of Dec 5th)– Presentation by Anthony Zirpoli and closing fall meeting

This website serves as a platform for essential texts on the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze in non-German languages. For the first time, selected international research from throughout the world will be easily available for philosophical scholarship on Deleuze in Germany.
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Dies ist eine Plattform für wichtige Texte zur Philosophie von Gilles Deleuze in nicht-deutscher Sprache. Erstmals werden so ausgesuchte, aber weltweit verstreute Texte aus der internationalen Forschung für das philosophische Studium von Deleuze in Deutschland leicht zugänglich gemacht.

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“Deleuze International” ist eine Online-Publikation, welche in regelmässigen Abständen Ausgaben zum Thema veröffentlichen wird – Online ISSN: 1866-1122