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To criticize is only to establish that a concept vanishes when it is thrust into a new milieu, losing some of its components, or acquiring others that transform it. But those who criticize without creating, those who are content to defend the vanished concept without being able to give it the forces it needs to return to life, are the plague of philosophy.
 from What is Philosophy    ~ Gilles Deleuze et Felix Guatttari   ~ 

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Deleuze says that for as long as:

… one steps outside what’s been thought before, once one ventures outside what’s familiar and reassuring, once one has to invent new concepts for unknown lands, then

methods and moral systems break down and thinking becomes … a “perilous act,” a violence, whose first victim is oneself… . Thinking is always experiencing, experi- menting, … and

what we experience, experiment with, is … what’s coming into being, what’s new, what’s taking shape (Deleuze, 1995, p. 103–4)

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