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October 2011 Newsletter



    Welcome to the new academic year here on Backdoor Broadcasting. While many university departments here in the UK are fighting for survival, we are trying our best to support the academic community by offering our expertise in the dissemination of their research.

    Throughout the summer we re-organised and tidied up our archive, updated the radio stream, and we also recorded a number of events, starting with Seminar five of the 'Childhood and Violence series from Birkbeck College: Children affected by war, with a focus on "child soldiers"

    Next came the Birkbeck Instititute for the Humanities' Annual Critical Theory Summer School, with two public events, part I with Drucilla Cornell,  Costas Douzinas and, and part II with Boaventura de Sousa Santos,  Esther Leslie and Etienne Balibar.---- None of these dudes will teach you about the Body of Woman

    Also from Birkbeck, this time in co-operation with Opus and the Freud Museum, London organised an evening with Professor Stephen Frosh, entitled  'Psychoanalysis outside the Clinic'.

    After the summer break, the History Department at Royal Holloway, in conjunction with the University of Exeter, re-started proceedings with a conference on South Asia: Contesting Shi‘ism: Isna ‘Ashari and Isma‘ili Shi‘ism in modern South Asia.

    The University of Northampton's Radicalism and New Media

Group organised a three-day conference on Populist Racism In Britain and Europe since 1945. All of the conference has been recorded and is available here, as well as printed material.

    A series of seminars, which resulted from a co-operation between Keele University and Birk

 What is Spoken Thought?

beck College, the Socio-Politics of Biosecurity, held another event 'The Future of Biosecurity,m which can be listened to here.

    From the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon: Michael Dobson - Towards the next RSC 'Taming of the Shrew': a think-tank, with director Lucy Bailey

    The 2011 Curl lecture at the Royal Anthropological Institute: Graeme Were - On the Materials of Mats: thinking through design in a Pacific society

     And finally, from our regulars the History Department at Royal Holloway: Nicholas Draper - Compensation for slave-owners: individual, state and nation in British Emancipation      We would like to stress to departments and institutions that even in these difficult times we can always accommodate your research requirements, be it podcasts, live radio streams, website builds and many innovative and original ways of disseminating research. We know that many budgets have been reduced, but our prices reflect the changed circumstances, so please email us.
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