is She

Adoring your requesting quest

Is hegel here?
Here Hegel?
what the hegel is that sign in the air philosophic sparrow 

                                                             A TALL woman bobbing as a camel does walking over dunes meeting her lover to rub sex to sex in
the desert sun and her kiss shall blow apart the universe of repugnant pegs and male domination 

this woman lover ends Do Mi Nation reintroducing the body without organs the full body of a thousand balconies of sex and lover her body is sung before the sea  of desperation and desesperanto and not the Ulysses of I and her in her wake wave after wave of lovers heaped on the beachhead    ~.

                       find her lover the world has opened a spine
greeting needles forks and chinese women balancing her world on the head of the woman's knees the tryst and the truth of the lover's belly her kiss   ~ .