Irish left occupied

  the flow is not blocked by the wall so occupy in this instance becomes nonoccupation

  there is the question of the wall and its violence ~ the wall stopping blocking holding keeping others out. keeping you out . locking the wealth in and the rest outdoors outside where the street and flow is. the 

Example the austerity measures imposed anywhere at a given time are done by the holders of wealth versus the haver nots, and lesser nots. it's not a question of simply depriving the middle class of a given country i.e. Greece of their 'security' it's the idea that So MuCh WeAlth elsewhere is Penalizing and will continue to pUnish the poorer nations and make their lives miserable. this same logic is operating across the globe __ it's one more aspect of the global empire the Empire and its fulminating capitalist logic which is impervious to human demands except when it serves its Imperial interests.

 Hardt and Negri -------------------------------------------


 "What they don't understand is that the multitude is able to organize itself without a centre – that the imposition of a leader or being co-opted by a traditional organization would undermine its power. The prevalence in the revolts of social network tools, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, are symptoms, not causes, of this organizational structure. These are the modes of expression of an intelligent population capable of using the instruments at hand to organize autonomously".

I AM NOT MOVING - Short Film - Occupy Wall Street