writes? breath and hand


1.who writes? the crippled hand or the voice?
2. speaks crippled hand. ash to gray. notice. a thing between blogs and mouth. day night to
 3. in the fall of 1977 we arrived again in france, -----paris hearing electric teaching 4.Vincennes between bodies of processual moving---  You are young! sHE saying this as gasping for air not the violet of the speaking moment, not the violence of the speakless moment flooded by the tune of air. and hair as with mister  Nashe's proem.a wordfound discoved and made by this present inventor.

i arrived in tthat country last week. under crate and package. o dont speak to me of voices. and radio. as wireless wave of country and control


   not master word

 __________radio switch here.

pass that password pass  

   not keep

----------------------------------------------------escaping the oedipii
(bricoleur) handyman   ~
    pass not creep

   pass a pastiche
   a frame dangle reference 
push right le----------------------------________________________