Journee rene scherer a paris 8 le 19 oct 2011. 19 OCT 2011.

______________a tv philo/cutting acrostic

                                            let us always connect the dots... between the d and g    ~  

_____________________________ who would have it .. ?

any other way.... this interesting series of debates, discussions and conversations along a chain of signifier readies the everready pen of the discourse.

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         the souka

this one is one among many                      


                                                              philo channel

                                             of philosophy paris

6/ rene scherer en reponse a jean paul thomas 

                                                                                      / eric alliez /paris 8 / scherer , deleuze et la phenomenologie . un heritage heretique ?

___ You too were there Mister Duffy
  hiding in the wall filing away with your tape-recorder.

-----------------------------------------------------as in the days at Vincennes you and the other schizoid molecules following along the path of least resistance
    not that of resentiment
                       a n     d      folly in its raging criticisms    ~.