BiG DaddDy SpInOzA

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ine Yr New & Old Dig It Digging It Dig it....

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Spinoza would think it's good    ~.

'Bertrand Russell declared the 17th century lens grinder Baruch Spinoza to be “the noblest and most loveable of the great philosophers.”

No BeTtER way ThAn GoIng Wid BiG DaDdee SpiNoZA

L'uomo libero, cioè colui che vive sotto la sola guida della ragione, non è guidato dalla paura della morte, ma desidera direttamente il bene, cioè agire, vivere, conservare il proprio essere avendo quale fondamento la ricerca del proprio utile; perciò a nulla pensa meno che alla morte e la sua saggezza è una meditazione della vita. (B. Spinoza, "Etica" IV prop. LXVII)

Prop. LXVIII. Bk.III:246; Bk.XVIII:318fp68; Bk.XIX:24831, 25344, 45, 26219, c.

{ Garden of Eden narrative }
If men were born free, they would, Durant:648151
so long as they remained free, form Letters:3118:329—You
no conception of good and evil. Calculus:6.2b & c


Note.— (68:2) It is evident, from IV:iv., that the hypothesis of this

Proposition is false and inconceivable, except in so far as we look

solely to the nature of man, or rather to G-D; not in so far as the
{ immanent }
latter is infinite, but only in so far as he is the ^ cause of man's


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