notes from 1989  _2years after final lectures ... (which is based partially o n conversations with other students of the time)

it does not matter and besides what did Deleuze and Guattari know of 20 century poetry?

  Little from what I remember . the references are few and far between.

  Deleuze  admired  Lucas and  J Bousquet and Russian whose name I don't  remmeber.

They refer to Joyce once or twice or a handful of times but the  references again are few and far between and the same goes for Pound

i am not being negative about this or begging the question

 i am saying it don't matter

   for one thing,
                       they were not poets,

                                    secondly they were not artist

 the first   who i listened to on and off at the lectures for decades was the most exciting and bizzarely beautifuly    teacher

  but what he knew of poetry he didn't say much

              I never asked a question  , it was obviou s to anyone at Vinceness he didnt like public questions......

   about it,   but I suspect his love of Lucas had to do with his being one from away

an awayness that maybe he didnt find in Breton and Eluard and Tzara

's the endless referral to Artaud and Miller but

  but neither Felix Guattari nor Deleuze

     read the poetry of their time  ;   the kafka book is for Kafka readers

   after   that none

;  and there's no love of literature in the philosophy as such

    in a essay in Critique et Clinique  , the first one is Literature and Life I think and its mostly

  statking claims based on Woolf's ideas ; which is of course limited to her and Is nOt as Expansive

 as the numerous others