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Some of these experiences were detailed in at the radio deleuze blog and the others.

OrpHeeCdpoet ‏@orpheecdpoet 27 Jun

The first time I heard Deleuze lecture was in 1973. I think Vincennes was already moved to St. Denis by then;instant (a)effect:Istayedyears

From London to France and Italy and back to Ireland and back to France for years to come/How they went an came/

Sometimes to stay for months in some shoddy cold room/ then moving south to warmer/ digs/ south and Italy round and round.

One does not walk away from a great orator/philosopher/the voice follows one/down and /again the decades

 did we hear others? yes, but it could not have been the same/ the time was different/ Sartre was already older and though great

somewhat removed from where I was.F. Guattari, when he showed up had the same auratic effect of intensifier to the voice speaking ever

Pulling, filing, and reeling in the / ones/ of us/ there/ and not there. There were some people there never read a word of philsophy and are
utterly forgotten / not writers/ or anything /like theory folks/ or suchlike/ and the wild others of various politics/ are gone/into time

but they like myself experience this most democratic of philosophical moments the world knew in the 20 century/not that Prof.Deleuze was

It or anything like that or that sort of fat thinking but he was an emitter of strange rays and electricity his voice his voice his voice/

it was time/that shan't repeat itself/ and why ought to? there are others since/ i think of bernard stiegler a different type of thinker/
and man/ very much the contrary of old Deleuze-think of his school/ its a different line a different time then to the now of becoming today