As you


____________________  Franny sent me  a note: unfortuneately she had subjected herself to  a barrage from that frothing at the mouth   man from Slovenia!

                  'As you know Deleuze took his own life  after being terribly sick and suffering long.
 yet reading, studying, listening to him lecture, I never have the urge to take my life.'

'Spending a couple of hours listening to the Slovenian Zizek, while he spoke about movies,
my head was pounding  my eyes were sore my heart was aching
i wanted to die
  to throw myself off a bridge

it was cold outside

i was on a bus while feeling this way   _ about a half hour after the two hours of Zizek hammering negative pounding nothing no hope no this no that etcerra
I had a copy  of Dialogues with me 
 The hard back version that I bought  years back

 Its a blue dusty cover

I took it out and started to read it

the chapter on Psychoanalysis

I slowly started to breath better to see
I began to emerge from under the welter and hammering i had subjected myself
to listening to the Z pounder who while speaking kept changing his uniform and how he looked like a priest
as he said there was no god

How he reminded me of the last man in Zarathustra
but I didnt know this until after
till now as I write

how he hates desire
how analysis hates desire

 the whole stinking ideology of analysis resurrected by him and spread on the 'global' 'stage' 

along with his little god and the other one and his negative ideations....

How they nauseate me! what buffons!

Little men playing to big audiences /academics

in dirty jerseys

and of course these days he says 'fuck ' a  lot as if that made him more what?

It simply makes him more vile. So that even if his ideas are right, or at least pointed in the right direction
one is suspicious

one Suspects the whole thing is a farce

the angry the posing the radical talk the revival of Lenin

the endless quoting of Hegel and really how so often

as one hears his proclamations one's reminded of a dictator a little Stalin

Mister Psycho-analysis himself: Interpretosis Alive and in the body .

and who he reminds me of , strange to say is Harold Bloom and his all too reductive capital

little economy of anxiety and art for the wealthy few of the Harvard drag club
and other memory bummers

these shrieking voice this shrill reduction and deduction of the facts

of what Art is of what Life is

So little of Deleuze.

Guattari spoke of Black holes
Deleuze Spoke of the Z of creation 

well, folks it looks like we got the black hole of recreation with Mister Zizek.

The well known over published overprolifiic little man

that never shuts up. Thinks hes making a point discussing film while sitting on a toilet.

O dear, have we not seen this before?

Have we not heard it previously?

L'homme de resentiment

and the return nicely packaged of   'paulism'

     along with his pal and that other resenter Badiou.

____ It's time to go back and read Nietzsche's Twilight and those wonderous polemics
 from a real point of view about the 'apostle' of resentment .

The more i hear of these two the more I think they are simply bad students.

with big mouths and good publishing abilities. For Zizek and his pal Badiou it's okay to salvage these thugs
of morality

                 and resentment.'

------------------------------------'God save us from the resenters!'  O my dear Franny one must be wary of these negative figures   & their high-wire acts!
 ____________________________________________________--  Dunce!

    Void them!  D nce n ked with your body on the high hill of happiness