D for deleuze Tzara



  Deleuze studying at the 'movement' headquarters behind their time their time the AnTi-pHilOsoPher

                     dadASOpH and the  'l'ante tête' ______________ crack the pavement clutter of the language fog...

deleuze likes to say it was gherasime lucas who learned him what he did but he got it all from Tristan Tzara

    including the Z______________le zigZag ____ the phrase line of flight is found in  Tzara's play Cloud Handerkerchief. the attack on psychoanalysis and the dialectic   (the image of the wolves  derives from Tzara's book of Where the wolves  drink...)

                                   none of which takes away from Deleuzy however it was Tzara got there first
as  a  poet   ________________________   1918.

DelEuZe: 1918