re D for _____________ Tzara

I ' ll elaborate more on this series of observations and comments in  an upcoming broadcast .

    ______________ 1 . to suggest Tzara is the originator of specific points in DeleuzeoGuattarian concept machinery is not to lessen the value of them.

2. Nor is to suggest or open the 'paranoid' debate about false influence albeit there is the question of false pretenders versus the just plain old type of pretender pretence, conceit, concetta , ie. the concept at hand ...

3. Surely Tzara's 1918 manifesto not to my knowledge ever mentioned by either Felix Guattari or Deleuze. Had they read it? again I post a question to which I have no answer.

4 To state that Tzara arrived  at the ideas prior to Guattari and Deleuze is not even unusual . He lived before them both and was already entangling himself in the grand debates of philosophy, poetry and life.

5. This is just a quick thumbnail sketch of what I which to discuss in a future broadcast on this blog.

6.  My points are not to be taken literally but are points of departure and little ziggaggies around these ideas  which have become a little stale

   in the stinky offices of philosophy _______________a little outside air as they say.

_____________________ The Tzara machine was always good at injecting that .

D for deleuze Tzara