Perhaps that's the best an idiot can do,  and has done previously in the passe composee

t o   kick at Sartre while raising the moralistic Camus. and if that' sthe case,

   then shit on them,                 and shut your radio(s) ladies and gentlemen .


                                  the tawdry Descarteians   ins are at it  again


 then there's the fellow writing about Depression and making like we didn't know

  that desire had been seen by the Buddhist as illusory and the quidittas illusion

  One would think Nietzsche had written his books in vain
                reading that 'quietticsc '     so called critique   ...

Christ! what gives with these fools!

   O Lord Socrates help us

   O master Aristotle  inform the fools, imbeciles,  and other jack-a-napes  the difference

    that    makes two things unalike yet sharing a similar yet unfounded substance

  and O dear Plato will there be time for  a banquet  among these wet-blankets wielding

                                       auto erratic tyrannic un-nuanced pretensions to pretencion  to thought?

_____________   God help us!  Transcendence  S ave  !     find me a totality n  a hurry!