M-C-M and ....

  Been reading just tonight this evening   _______________>

   Corry Shores  good and clear summary of Karl Marx's ideas about  commodity -money and commodity

      I'm not done reading it yet, but as I was it made me think of Poetry. What is the exchange and or
use value of poetry in the terms that Marx discusses

  about money commodity money and commodity money commodity and the various dialectics involved?

    It occurred to me as I was reading along that poetry works more like the Money Commodity Money equation.

As it appears , at least off the top of my head, that the goal of poetry is to make more poetry.

  In the similar way that money's goal is to make more money and more profit which makes more money and the circle goes round infinitely.

  But having said that or thought it really, I wonder if that is the case.

As what does poetry produce or gain for readers? Does it produce more poetry for them, more

sensations, ideas, emotions,  does it give them knowledge does poetry quantify itself into a pool of

knowledge (call it literary knowledge) that readers are able to access at will?

   Does poetry produce action? Some poets have thought it does not?

But taking Shakespeare's work it has certainly produced much for everyone right down to the stage hands and the actors and all of the hundreds of thousands of people around the world

                           who have either seen or heard or read or watched his pla ys? Or played in them or                                 written about them

and been influenced in their own writing to either greater things or to match him
or surpass him , even imaginarily.

    In any event,  it's a thought or two is it not?