Badiou et... Meillassoux .... et la poesie ..

Listening and watchin' this | one has to watch with wariness the 'enemy' speaking

he says things like 'la poesie de Mallarme est aussi singulier' and one
thinks of Sartre's essays on Mallarme being the definitive poet
of French ligature .

i thinkit's funny /if not silly a bit like deleuzy going on about Lucas who was good but also dry repetitive \yes yes the stammer repetition /it's an effect in poetry| but Doctor Deleuze never stopped t here with one poet buttook as
a point i'd think of departure

_______________________________________________ Badiou has a n idea of what poetry does and doesnt do and that's how he interprets Mallarme

Mallarme is in Ulysses 

 What he doesn't know and neither it seems do most of these French philosophers is that people did keep on writing after and during  the time of these other poets.

After Mallarme there've been plenty
   and the same goes for the others w hy does Well, Badiou does limit his discussion to this poet as it suits his interests and ideas

NOw Meillassoux  ....