and and


     we climbed to the top of the column
                                       the volcano where

                     the philosopher  jumped it wasn't Parmenides

   Plato   wrote philosophy because of the beauty of the youth of Athens this according to F Nietzsche whence his source
     at the idea   but N didn't much like Socrates did he    comparing him to Kierkegaard 's feelings about Socrates
    where one finds a true love for the teacher

   But is it Nietzsche who hates Socrates? or merely some madness  in him?

    How can one hate an ugly  philosopher?

                                                  'the recent revival of Nie.....'  has forgotten his hatred ...

  Nietzsche was trapped in the straight-laced Germany of his time

    well that was no reason to shit on Socrates blaming him for all this dialectic stuff ....

 I prefer the knight catatonic's take    his review    love of Socrates    

                                                            who might very well have been

something else entirely  than what anyone imagined   .