Nietzsche and

 His denunciation of Paul is unequivocal. He Paul is the maniac who created the edifice founded grounded cemented in ressentiment  the ressentiment of Christianity , its hatred, the hatred of the mob, the chandal resentment of those that feared what they had seen made of t heir
   Rabbonni Jesus of Nazareth.

 it is Paul, the pack-man who drills into the world around the Meditterrean basin his idea of the figure of Jesus

  the one with no enemies to hate
   the one who preached turning the other cheek

  the Crucified One

Initially it is his friends, his apostles the very ones who said wld.betray and deny him that turn

away from the terrible death in fear and horror. hidden , running, denying, spitting,making for the hills, the women , the two Mary's and some others


John ? who is John

  The last christian died on the cross Nietzsche tells us.

He calls Christ the Idiot, the one who cannot conceive of evil and rank,
he cannot hate as he knows not hate nor revenge

  The other  Jesus the vengeful one to come is the creation of John and Paul, and especially the latter.