'Deleuze's last thought'


Nota:: this is the 'true' last essay of  Gilles Deleuze which is  a mere fragment. It is revealing however to note that Deleuze owns to transcendence in his last  thought. The philosopher of immanence and difference extrapolates difference in the grand transcendence of the inexplicable. One should also note that although it is dated 1988 the year after he gave up lecturing, that this essay was among the drafts being readied  for a small book published just before his death, Immanence; a Life, and What is Philosophy (co-signed with Felix-Guattari). Lest readers be scandalized finding this intrusion into their perception of the philosopher we present only the title until such time they are prepared for a re-study of the thinker's works.

   The beauty of transcendence

      Gilles Deleuze 1988.