As Deleuze looked over his shoulder,   looked back over his, looked askance, back over his
  shoulder the day he was, he ,  had , was a bout to, t ak  e t  h  e    l          e         a             p  

 he did not forsee   __ and how could he anyhow, he was looking Back over his shoulder __

   the return  of the Hegelian synthetic 3 part dance step of the  dialectic   step re step detotalize  retotalize  into ever grander totalizations of history  , hegel,  lacan,

                                                                 and the priests of c astration

    to be come the dominating force of world thought  ,    so            to              s  p e  a   k

he could not see via his backward looking telescope ___ were  it in reverse or not
            the coming back the coming to back  ___ again   as I said above

           of the  hegel heavy weights and              their big bar bell Being!

                           with Tawdry history and ne  c e  s   s  i  ty  their boon mates!

 a sheer wasste of time for the

                    master of the moutain the master of the radio machine

               of the waves                 and flow               or bit and aparatus and bit/part

--------------------- the radio switch broke  .



------------------------------------------ He called the  KNight of InFinite corps sans organes and the
                              other Knight of Infinite backward leap and the man of the mad mountain
                  Papa N    &
                                             Nietzsche's Daughter joine d the fray and no mor e

                       of these illusions and bad iou s  writing the historical check of the global go-go end of the world fuse and news

                                                          ____________ but a piece of furniture a morsel of it  ~

              and behold Franny said here is the Sun the gigabyte and password the figment of its  

in the next episode Father Deleuze meets the end of Napoleon .