au cause de... RaDio Deleuze went up into the Mountain .....

    because  strata are the  judgement of god.  '  of course reatived   'theo'  Logians christian and otherwise 
   reactived chemical strata makers are hoping to restore the strata sufficiently to 

   enforce their power that was  /even and esp. in the name of love/
which they call gue and love or gub.

--------------------------------------- for the gue holding up jesus is the eyeball of the
                                son busting his mouther's chops in the name of the dead dad
              that's killinghim

______________ theologians work for the reconstruction and reACtIvation of the strata which are now the transcednetal enemies of  Humanity.

  these twits want to tell you philsophy  and this goes for politics too__ is a secular version of theological idears.

      ___________ i f this is being said its' due to the desire to enforce this  idea.

=============  heed them not !  _____________