if it were Hegel it was Deleuze


if it's Hegel reading Deleuze and D. (as in Deterritorialization) reading the first (H)

which comes first then? if
after is the beginning of the nothing that might be the void? and if the repetition of the difference is the

                     leaping in the present _rather along the Kierkegaardian ( there's a phrase I can't ... it's not remembering itself to me )

 notion of  the different different (the eternal return of the variation) ,  at this junction then then then then then then  then is Hegel seeing Deleuze's seeing seeing seeing seeing seeing seeing Seen Seen Seen

                                                 eyes through the text of its partial totality or its near incomplete totality?

__________________ questions to be resumed ________as We and They continue our research

our intuitive grasping of the general beyond beginning 

                              the fireworks of the dialectic? Is it Socrates returned to spite Nietzsche whose own frustrated readings of

Plato/Socrates led him to false conclusions and polemics  .

Such as Socrates being ugly had to do with the dialectic than Xanthippe had taught him?

and wherefore Nietzsche's hatred of ugliness?

He stands the high ground so called of what he presupposed was the hatred of Athenians to the Socratic dialectic because of his ugliness

 Strange salad Nietzsche concocts! that Sartre laughs off! as he too was an 'ugly' man with a wandering
  eye (in more ways than one) and yet riveted the world with
                                      his existential glance   .

   O my Nietzsche
O My Hegel who he hated

O my Deleuze searching for the difference   undermining the dialectic in the Spinoza? whirlpool?

Let's not get the numbers down reducing one to the other.

_____________________ S(if)O  were Deleuze reading (RT DT?) Hegel and it hits with a flash! the Zzzt!

________________________________________________ Bingo pang_____________________

             to  continue

                                                                                      indeed it must be   .
     it's flawed    

_________________what if philosophy went on strike?

               And Sartre taught it was notions    and not concepts that constituted the philosophical creation.

So if we were to construct philosophy of the kind that interests us

  in a  sort of schema

  there would be

dating back to Kant

 Hegel            Nietzsche

and the several lines which follow from those two:

   Mona once knew it was the existential-phenomenological versus the let's say on the other corner

 the thinkers    of becoming   (which in a sense goes back to Heraclitus ) 
                                                                                        and flux

(So Badiou hails from the line of Parmenides and his opposites)

                                                                                                          from our friend Heraclitus

_____________  Nota bene : deterritorialization is not identical to deconstruction. The latter is mostly one philosophical moment where as a deterritorialization is always accompanied by a reterritorilization .