Schopenhauer 's rebuke ... of Hegel and quoting Shakespeare along the way ‘such stuff as madmen tongue and brain not’.


_______________“In every page of David Hume, there is more to be learned than from Hegel's, Herbart's and Schleiermacher's complete philosophical works.”

―Arthur Schopenhauer

Hegel, installed from above, by the powers that be, as the certified Great Philosopher, was a flat-headed, insipid, nauseating, illiterate charlatan, who reached the pinnacle of audacity in scribbling together and dishing up the craziest mystifying nonsense. This nonsense has been noisily proclaimed as immortal wisdom by mercenary followers and readily accepted as such by all fools, who thus joined into as perfect a chorus of admiration as had ever been heard before. The extensive field of spiritual influence with which Hegel was furnished by those in power has enabled him to achieve the intellectual corruption of a whole generation.


Badiou and his minion Zizek would do well to read this
and forget this nonsense they re still spewing in one book after another.
 and this goes for their thousands on thousands of minions

But the height of audacity in serving up pure nonsense, in stringing together senseless and extravagant mazes of words, such as had previously been known only in madhouses, was finally reached in Hegel, and became the instrument of the most barefaced general mystification that has ever taken place, with a result which will appear fabulous to posterity, and will remain as a monument to German stupidity.

Arthur Schopenhauer, Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung, trans. Haldane-Kemp (The World as Will and Idea, vol. 2), London: Kegan Paul, p. 22.


And there's the wonderful Kierkegaard's polemics against Mister Hegel and company 

 And Nietzsche's but of course Badiou and his creepy eyes have not read Nietzsche
  Nor has Zizzek

 because when he reads Lacan's got his brains up his arse      .

______________________the castratros of thought   

_________________________( o of course they've read him ha! but it's reduced to pulp)

which is not to suggest there's nothing of value in Hegel and his imitators ziZeki and Bad IO  
U  You but it's not where you think it is.

it's not even where they think it is !

How would either of them know 

whence their own value

when neither has a nose ?

One needs a nose  for philosophy

 otherwise the stink   wld. escape one...

and that's a paraphrase of dear dead Nietzsche himself  
 and while I am at let's demystify all of this nonsense about the word betise as used by Deleuze and others ... there's nothing mystical or special or holy about it

it means stupid 
                                           and it was used in the same sense by Tristan Tzara
in his 1918 manifesto

                                 which also made short  work  of dialectics and  the hegelian posturing of pompous war-makers  ....

 if people like to spend months banging their empty skulls over a  word

    and give it pretentious airs  as if it's sense was so utterly different that it 

cannot be found in English then their baboons and fools

           if was good enough for Shakespeare it's good enough for translating Deleuze .

these  thinkers who want to drag everyone's head through the dust ... derrida and his followers going on an on about 

  'la betise and le betise' ___________________its shameful and 
                                                                         (blablah they go on and on as if it was back to the sacrosanct of theology!)

          underhanded    ____  after all Deleuze himself stated that Anglo American literature was superior...

                   and if it's superior then the langauge is good enough to be so and to translate

  the   words from   french ...

 besides everyone knows that translating always means comprise or betraying to some extent ...

   so let live well enough       

                and get on with what's important....

otherwise no one will get any work done......

and remember in A thousand Plateaus   Deleuze and Guattari say there's nothing to argue 

about one word can be replaced by another... i.e.  betise stupidity     ...a ll fine and good .

 i think they use the term anexact to get across this sense of what they're saying...

it's philosophy not poetry...