"________Cutupidité: Becoming-Radically-Stupid a report to an academy II_"

Zafer Aracagäk
Istanbul Bilgi University

[1] This report was written before. [1]
[2] It was written to an academy.
[3] Considering the urgency of the renewal of this report, I have almost decided to write another report to the academy – the richest, the noblest, the most famous, and the most universal academy.
[4] Therefore, at the cost of ridiculing myself, even at the cost of making a fool out of myself, for the first time in my life I will leave behind my stupidity and, thereby, I will show an attempt at outlining my suggestion to you, to all of you – except animals, plants, and rocks – that is, becoming-radically-stupid.
[5] In my attempt, I know I have to be sincere and therefore I will start with a new tool – an assemblage of sorts – in order to draw a sharp line of distinction between me and you. What I dare to call "cutupidité" [2] is actually made of two words: "cut-up" and "stupidité" the joint form of which should be reminding you three mentors I had as I was passing through the stages of my stupidity.
[6] Let me introduce first the preliminary conditions of my concept:
  1. Cutupidité is a discontinuous plane of consistency resisting any plane of immanence.
  2. Cutupidité is a non-organic rhizome made of multi-dimensional, infinite cuts where each cut lays bare an unique event which cannot be repeated.
  3. Cutupidité is the art of hyperbole where each negation of space triggers an aerial fugue, completely non-traceable.
  4. Cutupidité is not serial but aerial; actually it is an aerial fugue, which, soaring above the surface of the rhizome, traverses each and every cut inflicted on it.
  5. Cutupidité is to become-spectral without coordinates; it is not becoming-immaterial but becoming-gaseous.
  6. Cutupidité is Cotard delusion: le délire de négation – to demolish the dimensional with a discontinuous multiplicity of dimensions so as to open up a psychasthenic frontground.
  7. Cutupidité is Contigentia absoluta (potentiality without will): state zero of wanting, failure before failure.
  8. Cutupidité is the affirmation of paranoia as a form of extreme wakefulness.
  9. Cutupidité is suicidal in content and disastrous in form.
  10. Cutupidité is the smoke of the cliché and the last breath of wisdom.
  11. Cutupidité is to know all the styles but appropriating none.
  12. Cutupidité is the "instinct d'abandon" vs "élan vital".
  13. Cutupidité is infinite dividuation.
  14. Cutupidité is to be done with anthropocentrism.
  15. Cutupidité is incorporation of stupidité.


Cutupidité: Becoming-Radically-Stupid a report to an academy II