More of and about

Tell me more about the fictions...

They're frictions... rubbings... and they're , theres no desire in them or around them to create
guilt, ambition, power, and anything else. they're a spot (in time) that's freedom, a bit of my freedom....recently, or say back in 198ty something i read, or heard, 'creation's takes place in bottle necks, in other words, its squeezed, when you'r e stuck, well that's sort of true, but one creates for other reasons as well, one creates to clear a space of freedom, one creates to creates the possibility of freedom, to make space, because one has time, one plays. Yes, one playsand plays, and then oneis driven and what started as fun becomes a habit and an addiction with ThiS difference____ Something is left Behind, something is Created, Produced .. its not thrown in the garbage, or left to go rot like if you, like say if you were just drunk.
Non creators dont get that, nor do the ones who have ambition get that. Ambitious artists are always failure in the , I mean they are failures in the Long picture.

O but you might say, what about Picasso wasn't he ambitious? Yes, he was For his Art,
like Artaud was, ambitious for his Art
not for his Power,

Are you suggesting that artists are driven by power ? Isn't that a little general? Are you generalizing like a dictator? Imagine today of all days to suggest such a thing on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall!

The wall, the Berlin wall? yes, well it fell and it fell on everyone's head, and it crashed the pieces of our heads... and our heads are still sore and bouncing and dizzy from it... I mean we are reeling from it... it's like whats his name said about the French Revolution... he said I can't say what I think of it , it's too early.... So artists and ambitions... Well, well..

Okay it 's the work. The work is the opening hopefully into something new.

I want to get more specific about the fictions and its relations to other work. To your body for instance. So I need to formulate precise questions.

That's good... you know, that'll be interesting.

And the other work you did in performance ?

Another time, eh? Another place __