Mona Ami Marx

_______________________________________________ Tuning into Radio rewinds ... last summer... echoe of ... nothing....

CD__________________________ Boys and girls the PhiLOSOphICal HOur:

CD adjusts headphone: What rumour crap did I hear recently a few months back 'deep' in my bunker? in me rhizomatic burrow....?
---------------------------------the usual blather ~ disused intelligence ~
DeLanda yacking about our fine friends Felix and Prof Challenger:: This to my astonishment and dropping jaw is what he said to an interlocutor:

"Well, frankly, I think Marxism is Deleuze and Guattari’s little Oedipus" Audience laughs. Cd points out there is nothing Frank or Candid about Delandi's comment. its a ruse of sadness. All students of Deleuze applaud/boo delanda's dumbass readings/ his paranoid interpretations.
Former student of Deleuze:((((((((((((((((((((((((((( if this was not so dumb!
it woulld be of interest)__ the problem is its dumb
___ because is not interesting. I mean, what on earth is rambling on this way for.. the man has _ Friend of Guattari and worker at Laborde: it doesnt go anywhere. its a parasitic thought that tries to set itself
as original in fact its a false pretender like much of mister delandi's ideation

_________________Deleuze and Guattari took their dog delandi for a walk on a leash and he bit and he pull AN finally one day he ran away to reaction oedipus dog thought. he say to Daddio Deleuze Mummy you got a porcupine quill Up Yer ass called marx!
Guattari laughed her head off. Delandi was a cutting edge be vel. He bore the monniker of marxiant trauma. he was t he woodpecker of truce and felt.
-_------------------------------------------- Read : the traverSal is the diagonAl

___________________________ CP comments on DelanDio __ "Well he fucks over
his own lines of to chart mark dance, require, wind and unwind. Wherefore this remark about d&g and their 'little oedipus'?? _ And what about his 'little oedipus' ? hahah
Delandi is not DelandAda. His the corpse of the paranoid period.

and his off the cuff remark /tries to be cunning/reminds me of that french student _ Michel Cressole who blasted Deleuze in a book_ yes, I've read chunks of it, and its cute, and wrong and mean, __- and Deleuze's subsequent Letter to a Harsh Critic.

A naked Woman with Guattari's book between her thighs along with the complete works of Marx. esp. the 1844 manuScript.
"Besides which there is Tons in Marx that is of Value and____> You dont need to be a professor holding a chair in some department of philosophy or literature to realize how wrong and off the mark Mister Delanda is. It's my impression he's just tryin to outdo them. Its sort of sick too because one imagines that Deland is smart. I have never read him for more than 20 minutes. his ideas are of no interest to me, they are too complicated and self serving. And now a few years later and he wants To KnOCk Guattari"
Deleuze____________ I loved Marx from the day I read him! he was my mother!

Naked student continues:
"for Loving the Marx they did. Throwing their ideas back at them as if they had not foreseen what he says."
""""the small piece of territory they must keep to come back at night after a wild day
of deterritorializing."""_____ What the ???
Wild day of rigorous work?
Guattari did not Live
with Prof. Challenger delandi

What is this "wild day of deterritorlazling? crap
What on earth is he speaking about

who needs to rest when yer busy? Rest what is this an old folks' home?
Who could blame them for needing a resting place,___ [Pure rhetoric who said they was tired? ](NOw he gets cute after a familiar
place with all the reassurances of the Marxist tradition (and its powerful

________philosophy and martyrs?
iconography of martyrs and revolutionaries)? The question is whether we need__ We're tired of your blather Delandi
that same resting place (clearly we need one, but should it be the same?
Shouldn’t each of us have a different one so that collectively we can eliminate
them?)." ______Eliminate what? our illusions? Come off the band wagon. YOu really think Guattari had time to be tired misreading marx as some mama figurine?

People can make their own r
resting pods
Some of us like
to Sleep
A piLLoW
Marx's complete works
under our heads

Welll Maybe Delandi needs a place to rest and hes welcome
to find
one but what is fiddle faddle
about all of us resting
You think
Chomsky rests?
or the ones in the jungle
mister Delandi
Go rest
an arrest yourself
each does
what each thinks she must

I dont understand this and see no use for it.
The pragmatics of AntiOedipusee
are clear
as a bell
Use what you Want and Need
and Leave the rest Behind

its all About How
an d Not why
and martyrs and traditions
and the rest of that shit

Its the Opposite
they go the other Way

They say Like the Dadas before them
and Alfred Jarrry

Make your Genealogy
Make your AnCestors
and Poetic/philosophical
Lines of Inquiry

I believe
Deland wants to be

De Landa wants to try
to be dele
uze and guattari.
(but he aint got a guttari! Poor man without
his left
what can his right paranoid arm do?
what becomes of these nonbecomers?
But he cannot . So accusing them of Being in need of oedipal
resting spot he hangs his own
projections onto them

So he like Zizek and other minor
to erase
double lines
of thought

set off by these

he knows nothing of the french left. he did not live.it he is the actual example of ImiTation & Not BecomIng in this remark. As for th e
rest he delivers a terrible lecture,

and is not at all hip to poetry.

I saw Delanda speaking once a few years back I was not impressed
with the anguish his point of

view appeared to conceal.


some of the interview
with Mister Delanda


is found

at this horribly named

"Deleuzian Interrogations'
What a terribly inquisitorial named


in pdf


Anyhow, one cannot pursue this for too

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