IN this plateau.    Word. Wide. Radio. a come being become along its plaktoes. Not the sentinent of being but becoming's other brother. We are. poets. are we knot? we do play game  to its keeper? O Cain! O Able!
O shepherd .

along      the desert  highway                  deserted birds hawks cry the far cry  of word

choked by its lover's breath                     the hawk cry calls           death hanging at its forest feet


I  plus 10, 000 b.C.

_______________________Over the cave staff. Monkeys. Gorillas. Bamboolas. Instinct species.

And here Mona? What she comes becomes what its quota is. Not the langauge of the holiday whores.  the torist dumps.

Orthographs! beware your shites.

____________________________________Mona struggles up to a Benghazi . Gazed by the haze of desert campaigns and the release. What gift of peace and war is sought?

______________________My little schizophrenic ________________stammer your huddles your poached . Meets in    

she said to me
Don't fear mistakes

Dont plead inaction

___ In the vacuolo the cage cave

he's there hurling his word thunders
hurling hair

Crying his beast

What smashed mouth utters

dim cry

to its death


Mona sutures and the . brand new. ass of the universe cups her cake
splits the 'widest' open to her devastating and the illusions of men and time.

She's a river no boats. Collected 

Parmenides Heraclitus?

theres' no era there 
no epoch either


Jill's ajar skating to the . Edge of body beneath pediment  .

   ___ Jill Mona come back coma

 kick chaos into busted breast.


_____________Enema of lovers and pretender     ~ .