Now .... and

____________________Lift out a  .
             now that we have dealt with that subject . Let us . Move . to get time. to its coast. as making to prepare. the ride . to the south.  and the boats.   of givers and receivers__  nights. (knight) catatonia and their creates,  and crates.

So it goes. turn that radio .................... tune that tiinkering saaawitch . we have no time , death is coming. a                                           great              greedy horse galloping.

Do the crickets sting? Do bats string goats? well hail let a well-fellow hail. Does the Ism hero remember that?  his instanly insanity running down the mountain cliff of the western coastal plateau of desire. machines. and the blocs and blocks.

Is it  a bloc or block
a block of wood O children

________________________Back to Paris, 1978.


The purpose of the work. Antioedipus zing the place. As tumblers . and feet. walk tothe corner . the coroner of time's fitly habit. its habitus. as she weaved thighs off the ignore me  though. and came to her riding sudden. O . Does the? Pause     pare a wheel  ,,  tickle its fancy   .  She poet does her working in the iron stove. Clove to her budding  . Her field is feeled. Does the older english parry its stammer beat?

__________________________________________Mona holds her nose.  
Lifts her skirt. the pronunciation is according to the word.
__________________________________From the back. As any two. Knowing her girdle as a night does. She's continued his path. Antioedipus hiatus huddled. Antigone fare won the f ace. As the face. Won  through. And rough cup to its die.

So the cup wore high. And the hair, and flowers, scented over the road.Arriving the river lust. Of its cup meant stir