Eric Alliez-Deleuze with Masoch

Allow me to quote the entirety of the essay in English translation. Translated to English the entire
essay to become masochist

Deleuze with Masoch

1. Whether it is a question, indeed, of being oneself being a father, being born,
being loved, or being death, how can we fail to see that the subject, assuming he
is the subject who speaks, sustains himself there only on the basis of discourse? It
is thus clear that analysis reveals that the phallus serves the function of signifying
the lack of being /manque a etre7 that is wrought in the subject by his relation to
the signifier.
(Lacan 1966, 594-595)

2. Chatting with him, I had sought to 'discover and discern in his words the truth
of 'literature,' but now everything is blurry and I can no longer recover it.
(Wanda von Sacher Masoch 1906)

                                                          3. Obviously, once again, it is more than a matter of vocabulary...
(Deleuze 1977a, 130)

-1. Take the case tf^S.A.D.E. [...] On the background of a static recitation of
Sades texts, it is the sadistic image of the Master which finds itself amputated,
paralysed, reduced to a masturbatory tic, at the same time as the masochist Servant
finds himself, develops himself, metamorphoses himself experiments himself,
constitutes himself on the stage in function of the insufficiencies of the master. The
Servant is not at all the inverted image of the master, and neither is he his repetition
or his contradictory identity: he is constituted piece by piece, bit by bit, from
the neutralisation of the master; he acquires his autonomy from the amputation
of the master.
(Deleuze & Bene 1979, 89-90)

A question thrown to the children of the expired century: literature, what is it
for, how does it work, and so on?

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