We are

Today's broadcast we are the idiot   .        tune down .  wake off .  shake that button. where did it go

   wireless where is your wireless? short wave  ? Doctor quantification   what has been the purpose of her life  philosophy in small hands

    imagining a coming something all of your life and then  it comes a wave smashing down\

  the Platonic statues      the ideas cave the Aristotelian blank gaze of the  sculpted   men

   as we peripatetic circled ribicand the island     .

    does it make sense then?

   I encounter her across the waves 
            billowing smashing 

                          why  is there something ? and that time on the way to  aparty
   It hit me like a frozen ice

          the sheer terror of existence   what the hello am I no not even t hat to explain


 as its green outside  
       Aristotle is leaning down an assuring beard at his glance

               not an Assyrian  god with their war and goats and battles but who knew what was

as the rain poured over the valleys  the statues being burnt

     th e  Huns is what

Now the idea in the real is the impossible cave and the unmovingness of first being
   there was Agathon clipping down the street his sandals hanging by his side

  and we were living together
                                     Jean and I      ~

 we had walked across the sea

     to study with the thinker

                   her hair brilliant as the sun